Cool your Djent

by The Matchup

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released December 11, 2015

Produced Engineered Mixed and Mastered by Antoine Lussier
Artwork by David Lefebvre



all rights reserved


The Matchup Sainte Thérèse, Québec

After over 15 years of rockin’ out , two Bass player totally left out , gathered around a messy table with a load of Pabst , 2 guitars and the will to take over the world. We don’t really care if people like us or not , this band will be forever going , like a freight train , no matter what , it will never stop , here we are , THE MATCHUP ... more

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Track Name: Carry On
It took two years to gather notes
Too busy playing a bunch of shows
And even when we're not around
Don't worry babes, we're safe and sound

You give me the strength and the will
The power to carry on

Some nights we're good, some nights we're bad
But in the end it's all we have
Some folks may never understand
That we will do this until the end

Wheels are turning, fate's been chosen, now we know where we go
Until the end of time
Swollen faces, hair are turning grey, we're getting older
Still givin' it one good try
Track Name: A Better Day
Leave your demons and your torments behind my dear, we're gonna be gone for a while

When everything is lost and you feel like you are done
Just don't give up cuz there will always be a better day

Come with me i'll take you there, far away from this world we're living in
In this brand new life, everything will be just fine, if it's only you and i
Track Name: Forever
I fell asleep
You slammed the door
It didn't catch my attention
It's fine with me cuz i got better things to do
It's the only solution

Quit bringing me down
You'll take me six feet underground

It's too bad, it's over
Remember it can't last forever
Your suitcase, our last words
Reminds me it can't last forever

No longer mine
It's time to move on
Let's both take new directions
Thank you for all the memories
I'm leaving you at the station

Quit bringing me down
You'll take me six feet underground

Remember what life's worth
That's why you should never surrender

Some things might last forever
Track Name: 20 Minutes
20 minutes ago i was feeling really sad
Thinking about all the problems that i have
Then i picked my favorite record
Turned on the stereo and i said
Everything is gonna be alright tonight

My favorite band, their greatest songs
Me, i just wanna sing along
Standing in the crowd, Bass is way too loud
I had so much fun i forgot the lyrics

Another traffic jam, another boring song
Me, i just wanted to go home
Gotta call my boy, gonna rock our tunes
We're having a blast and we know our lyrics

At least i got my radio
Music takes me places you don't know
As long as i ride with the sound by my side
Everything's gonna be alright girl
Cuz i got music on my mind
and it's setting me free tonight
Track Name: Maritime Girl
No i got no control over your heart
The only thing i do is to hurt you more
No need to blame you cuz it's all my fault
All the things i didn't do, all time i spent away, all the nights you spent alone

Give me another chance, i'll rewrite the pages of this romance

Where ever you go, you're my maritime girl.

No i got no control over your heart
You're free to go if you really want to
No i do not own you, i just feel like loving you
And be the lucky man who keeps you warm when it's cold

No one last chance, no more pages, a blank romance
Farewell baby